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In continuing the work of our predecessors, our goal is to nurture a diverse, vibrant community of apprentice and experienced researchers and members alike; and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, innovations and ideas that will ensure growth and expansion of the mixed methods research genre across the Caribbean and other regions, while contributing to the development of diverse sectors of our societies and humankind at large. This can only be achieved with the help of a highly competent and committed team who are ready to serve our membership and Chapter. View our BOD, Executive and Standing Committee members here and enjoy exploring our website. 


Ingrid Hunt Anderson, PhD



The MMIRA-CC aims to create a Regional community to promote an interdisciplinary mixed methods research. The mission of the chapter is to engage with the Caribbean region and the international communities to support Mixed Methods research, which broadly includes the following: mixing/combining/integrating quantitative and/or qualitative methods, epistemologies, axiologies, and stakeholder perspectives and standpoints. MMIRA seeks to engage with a broad set of approaches in the service of understanding complex social, behavioural, health, educational, and political concerns related to the human condition and natural world.  Our vision includes bringing together diverse communities of scholars, students, practitioners, policymakers, citizens, and other stakeholders, with the goals of expanding knowledge and promoting social betterment, and justice for the improvement of the quality of life in the Caribbean.

Benefits of Joining the MMIRA-CC
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Watch this short video to learn more about mixed methods research and our organization's goals.