ARCHIVE: Welcome Message from Former President (2020) Tashane Haynes Brown

The MMIRA-CC was founded in March 2017 in Jamaica by Dr. Loraine D. Cook, and is currently chaired by Dr. Tashane Haynes-Brown from the School of Education, University of the West Indies - Mona campus in Jamaica. This chapter is committed to creating a forum in which persons can share cutting-edge ideas and best practice recommendations regarding the integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches to problem-solving. This recently formed chapter is dedicated to transforming the ways in which phenomena can be understood and transform decision-making practices to enable our individual and collective development. Dr. Tashane Haynes Brown is the incumbent chair and is working to bring awareness of mixed methods to the UWI, Mona Campus and other research institutions. Our annual regional conference hopes to offer workshops at various institutions to meet the needs of various persons and agendas.  
Inaugural  Cocktail Invitation frontNov
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