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Please join us for the Webinar on May 1st at 1pm EST.
Meeting ID: 894 2854 5628
Passcode: 355226

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Season 2 of the MMIRA MOOC launched on April 1, 2020.

From April 1, 2020 to September 1, 2020, enrolled persons can access modules on:

· Paradigms and Mixing 

· Multidimensional Continua in Mixed Methods Research 

· Ethics in Mixed Methods Research 

· Writing Mixed Methods Research Reports 

· Fully Integrated Mixed Methods Research 

· Teaching Mixed Methods Research 

· Mixed Methods in Evaluation 

· Mixed Methods Research in the Caribbean 

· Mixed Methods Research in Health Sciences Research 

· Arts and Mixed Methods Research 


These modules are available to paid MMIRA members for no additional charge. Find more information in the “Member Resources” page on


Following the recent departure of Dr. Bephyer Parey, from the executive of the MMIRACC board, we wish to welcome Dr. Sharon Jaggernauth as new chair of organising committee of conferences and workshops. 

Dr. Jaggernauth has served in the abstracts committee of the recent Trinidad conference and is an avid mixed methods researcher. She is the coordinator of the post Graduate Diploma in Education at the SOE, UWI STA and leads the Math component of the RDI funded Game based learning project using mixed methods, of which I am the PI. Sharon is meticulous in her deliverations and dedicated to the excellent endeavor. She is also a founding member of MMIRACC.

We welcome Sharon to our team.


We would also like to herald the excellent comtributions that Dr. Parey has made to the MMIRACC through its recent conference. Bephyer was dedicated to task from start to finish and was a key figure in ensuring the success of the last conference. Without her, we could not have been as successful as we were. We thank her endlessly and wish her only the best in her future endeavours.



We are always happy to share wonderful news and applaud great efforts and achievements among ourselves and chapter members as they become known.


We heartily congratulate Cynthia on her inaugural professional lecture this week (September 22-28). 

Cynthia was also recently appointed as editor in chief of the Journal of Arts, Science and Technology. A wonderful appointment indeed!


We proudly congratulate Leemoy Weaver on her first international workshop on introduction to Mixed Methods Research Approaches at the recent Japan Society for Mixed Methods Conference in Japan.  This workshop obtained outstanding reviews from her participants, as we would expect.



Loraine and Vimala are very pleased to have conducted our first international workshop at the Japan Society for Mixed Methods’ conference in Japan. We received very positive feedback from our participants and wonderful artefacts of their learning. The workshop had 6 participants and though small, was typical of the workshops at that conference and allowed for interaction and pacing of content matter.


Loraine and I also successfully held our first global MMIRA webinar on the IIQm’s Adobe Connect platform for MMIRA. We had approximately 97 participants from all over the world. Loraine and I have worked really hard to construct the content and presentation for both events. Thanks Loraine & Vimala for your dedication and excellence in all that you do!! 

For more information on upcoming events please contact your country representative: 


Marcia Thomas Phillips

Telephone: 876 927 0221, 876 935 8500 Ext. 2280/2500 



Tynessa Gay

Telephone: 868 322 0904



Claudette Fongkong-Mungal

Telephone: 246 417 4428 

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